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At Quilt Nuts we know you are the kind of quilters who want to be experts in your craft.  In order to be that way, you need quality quilting materials and help with techniques when you run into problems.  The problem is you do not know if you will be able to find the materials you need or get help when you need it, which makes you feel frustrated.  We believe that all quilter’s should be able to find inspiration and help when they want it. We understand that feeling of frustration when you are stuck on a project.  That’s why are here with years of quilting experience to help you.  We love helping to solve problems, pick out fabric for a project or just being here with a friendly face.  Here’s how it works, you can stop by our store or visit our website and take a look around, buy what you need or just take in the cute displays, then go home and finish that quilt! So please look around our website or stop by our store, so you can stop worrying about your next project and feel a sense of accomplishment when you get your first or your 50th quilt finished!
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